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Attractions & Experiences at Gulliver's Kingdom

We've gots lots of themed play areas and fun activities, plus loads of rides too - our park map will help you find your way around.

Play Areas and Fun Activities

Animal Barn
Western World

Take a break from the rides and visit the magical farm animals.


Indian Reserve Play Area
Western World

There's a lot of fantastic attractions to enjoy at the Indian Reserve Play Area.

The Diggers
Western World

Climb aboard your JCB and start digging!

Junior Cowboy Town
Western World

Bring your imagination to life with Junior Cowboy Town. 

Pedal Tractors
Party House

Climb aboard your very own tractor. 

Adventure Village
Safari Kingdom

Deep within Safari Kingdom, this multi-activity play area is perfect for children of all ages.

Lost World of the Living Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Kingdom

Fossil Dig
Dinosaur Kingdom

Join our exploration team and dig through the sand to see if you can find the skeleton of a dinosaur.


Discovery Centre
Dinosaur Kingdom

Learn more about the Jurassic era and the terrifying dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.

Dragon's Lair
Lilliput Land

Embark on a marvellously mythical quest through the Dragon's Lair at Gulliver's Kingdom!

Glitterdrop's Castle has been taken over by a magical dragon, can you navigate through its mysterious lair and conquer this brand-new attraction?

Lilliput Land Castle
Lilliput Land

A perfect spot for those Instagram pics!

Talking Apple

Is that a worm talking or the apple? Step inside and see for yourself. 


Simply move the lever forwards and backwards to control your moonbuggy.


Singing Frogs

The singing frogs are very popular here in Toyland. Stop by their home and listen carefully. 

Bourbon Play Area
Bourbon Street

Make your way to Bourbon Street for non-stop indoor play.

Pirate Ship Play
Bourbon Street

Have a swashbuckling time on the slides and climbing frames.

Pirates Play Area
Smugglers Wharf

Perfect for mini buccaneers! 

Percy's Pirate Adventure Golf
Smugglers Wharf

Looking for something a little different? Take part in a game of crazy golf. 


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